Carly Chenoweth

Transaction Coordinator

Carly Chenoweth has a theory that we connect to places with climates that speak to our heritage. With family roots that branch into Norway and the Chippewa Cree tribe in Montana, and a love for Montana winters, she’s onto something.

A stint as a special education elementary teacher kicked off Carly’s career. When it was time to move on, her love of the built environment spurred her to pivot into a career in real estate.

Her attention to detail, time management and organization make her an asset to the Sterling team, where complex deals can have many moving parts to track on. Carly is up for the challenge.

“I have a passion for travel, and love to see the spaces that people live and work in across the globe.”

She was part of a busy residential brokerage team. Over years spent as an assistant and an agent, she learned all about the details that bring deals across the closing finish line.

“My goal is to make the process feel effortless for the buyer or seller.”

While she’s a stickler for staying on track, Carly’s warm personality and calm demeanor make her an excellent teammate in the sometimes chaotic environment of real estate.

Carly is a cheerleader for Missoula. While she’s traveled everywhere from New Dehli to New York City, she calls Montana home. When she’s not in the office or traveling the world, you’ll find her out on skis, zigzagging down the mountain.

As to her favorite restaurant, it’s right here in Missoula. The gal that loves the cold winters loves the heat and spice that Zoo Thai brings