Sterling CMG Keeps Pace with Technology Trends

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Sterling CMG Keeps Pace with Technology Trends

Commercial tenants and their needs are changing rapidly. Finding the right balance between technology and a personal touch is possible by engaging with a commercial property manager who is keeping pace with the trends in the marketplace.

As a landlord of a fully occupied building, it can be easy to just sit back and not worry while the rent comes in. But what happens when the economy slows down or there’s an influx of new commercial space in the market? Not to mention, as more and more millennials enter the workforce, expectations from tenants are changing rapidly. Commercial property management companies specialize in commercial real estate and never stop thinking of the full-scale tenant experience and the ever-changing technology that enhances that experience. They are innovative and aware of market trends and understand what tenants want. To attract and retain a wide variety of tenants, consider hiring a commercial property management company that understands your market and can implement programs in order to keep your retention rate at the highest level possible.

It is no surprise that our technology-reliant world is training people to expect information and services immediately. If a landlord is slow to respond or is not responsive at all, tenants are likely to move elsewhere at the end of their lease. Implementing new technology to meet tenant needs is one of the most important aspects offered by commercial property managers today. Since writing checks is a thing of the past, tenants want to pay rent online. They want everything simple and at their fingertips; whether it is managing accounts, signing leases or requesting maintenance – it is all happening with technology. In addition, text messaging is easier and quicker than a phone call and tenants want to communicate this way. Your property management company should offer all of these tools and ensure they are easy to use and available at all times. Your tenants should have an app that allows them to do all of these things.

It’s no longer just about the space, and companies have the opportunity to rent office space all over town. Amenities must come with the space and commercial property management companies can help. The online platforms available to tenants and managers makes it easy and fast for all parties to communicate their needs. This extra level of service and care given to tenants could be the reason they continue to renew their lease. Especially in a slower market where there is a multitude of space available.

However, the ease and convenience of mobile apps should not just be for tenants. Property management companies should also be mobile. The software platforms they use should allow them to inspect and document properties in the field and be able to answer tenant questions from anywhere. These platforms should also offer click to call, email, or text features that easily store and document important conversations. These conveniences save time and make the property management team more efficient. The tenant, in return, gets outstanding customer service because needs are met quicker.

With all the ease and convenience of technology to support today’s tenants needs though, we still can’t forget the added value of personal interaction. This is an “amenity” that every commercial property management company must offer. Ensuring a regular presence in the building is important. Tenants should know and see their property manager regularly. Property managers should know their tenants and understand their needs as their business grows. And, follow-ups should be done after every service request.

Another way of offering a more personal touch is by planning special events that include members of the management team engaging with the tenants themselves. It’s as easy as inviting foods trucks to the property during lunch hours, offering Thirsty Thursday events on site, or providing bagels for breakfast once a month.

The best commercial property management companies will maintain the building but they will also provide tenants with the best customer service experience possible. Their repeated interactions with tenants and the amenities they offer, both onsite and online, will be the reason tenants choose to stay. Office space is available everywhere but a positive and personal experience can turn tenants into long term customers.

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Sterling CMG Keeps Pace with Technology Trends