Dylan Harrington

Assistant Property Manager

Dylan Harrington sees something different than most people when he tours a commercial building: he’s thinking about the nuts, bolts, and guts of the space.

He takes a holistic approach to property management and brokerage, considering the backbone of the building and considering systems, soil composition, utility location, and building materials that went into the property. With this wealth of knowledge, Dylan adds substantial value to every Sterling project. 

With a background in construction and engineering, Dylan brings substantial value to every Sterling project. 

Before joining Sterling, Dylan vetted over 20 brokerages around the US, looking for the perfect fit. He chose Sterling because he saw a company that was ready to invest in him just as much as he wanted to invest in them, saying, “The entrepreneurial mindset was essential to me.”

Dylan’s professional experience expands beyond Montana, with construction project management and engineering work across the Southeast. Having managed ten projects simultaneously, he’s well-equipped for the demands of the commercial real estate world. He particularly enjoys the development and industrial components of the business, where he can exercise his technical knowledge. In addition to a civil engineering degree from the University of Alabama, Dylan also boasts knowledge of GIS systems. 

One thing he wishes he could bring to Montana is a Waffle House – and working in commercial real estate gets him one step closer to making that dream a reality. Outside of the office, Dylan is, well, outside. He’s an avid trail runner, skier, and biker. You can contact him at 406-290-9800