Kara Hogan

Kara Hogan, CCIM

Development Coordinator | SterlingCIG


Kara Hogan can handle whatever comes her way.

From asset and property management to investor revelations, she’s touched the broad spectrum of commercial real estate sales and development operations. “I love a fast-paced environment,” she says. “That’s what drew me to the industry.” 

Kara has been involved in commercial development, project management, marketing, and budgeting. This background and a tireless work ethic are the makings of an effective Development Coordinator. She’s at her peak efficiency with obstacles to clear and problems to solve, she says. 

“Sterling CRE has a great reputation. I want to work with people who were known to be driven.”

As a Missoula local, she watched the city grow for decades. “One of my favorite areas of town is on Front Street. It’s amazing to see the domino effect of development, with all these cool restaurants, housing, and the new library,” she says. “I love to see our economy diversify. Downtown is such a great example of that.” 

When she isn’t supporting SterlingCIG clients, Kara isn’t one for downtime. She’s either in (or coaching) a fitness class, mountain biking, or working on home renovation projects. You might also see her chairing board meetings for Families First Learning Lab

And while Kara loves local restaurants and shopping options, she occasionally wishes for some big-city amenities. “I would love to have a Nordstrom’s Rack in Missoula!” she says. We’re crossing our fingers…

Contact Kara Hogan at kara.hogan@sterlingcig.com