“Yellowstone” in Missoula Valley: Hey, What’s That?

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“Yellowstone” in Missoula Valley: Hey, What’s That?

Hey, What’s That Missoula? Yellowstone in Missoula, the state flower is in full bloom along  and the city gets into the housing development game.

The Sterling team had the opportunity to help bring one of cable TVs most popular shows, “Yellowstone” in the Missoula Valley.

Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner, secured a leased space near Missoula in preparation for season four. It’s likely common knowledge that portions of the show were shot in Darby, Montana. Now the full soundstage and production offices are also moving to Montana.

(Want to be an extra? Check out the casting call here!)

It was a really interesting lease to facilitate. We learned that, not only does a production this size need a lot of square footage, they also need high ceilings, sound dampening and extreme light control. That’s in addition to buildings for wardrobe and set dressing. It takes a lot of real estate to keep such a big production in motion.

This is really exciting from an economic development perspective, especially with production during Montana’s fall shoulder season. With anywhere between thirty and one hundred fifty staff on site, it’s a great economic boost for the area and definitely some bragging rights for Montana.

Back in city limits:

A couple of big things are on the move. Why is West Broadway all torn up near the intersection with Mullan Road? As we all know, orange construction cones are the state flower of Montana in summertime.

In this case, the torn up street is infrastructure being extended to the corner of Maple Street and W Broadway. This will support several new buildings in the area.

You’ll also see excavators moving dirt for the new Montana Gastroenterology facility where Lighthouse Coffee used to stand. It will be a big boost to Western Montana’s overall medical offerings, as well as a job creator for our area. With all of the uncertainty out there, new jobs coming to the area are welcome.

What else is new?

The MRA approved an approximate six million dollar purchase of a 19 acre tract along Scott Street that has been for sale. The land, formerly part of the White Sash Pines superfund site, will be used for residential development and as a new spot for the city maintenance yards. The purchase was approved by the City Council with nine members voting yes and 3 members voting no.

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“Yellowstone” in Missoula Valley: Hey, What’s That?