Summer Porch

Summer Porch

Property Manager


Early in her career, Summer Porch worked in elementary education. She still taps into some of those communication and adaptability skills in her role as a property manager with Sterling Commercial Management Group. 

Her role in managing day-to-day operations for commercial buildings means everything from invoicing and tracking payments to diffusing conflicts and working with facilities staff to keep maintenance plans up to date. 

“We have an incredible team,” says Summer. “Our property management director and our facilities staff are always available to help. Together, we’re able to manage dozens of buildings across Montana.” But not every building starts off running so smoothly.

Sometimes, Sterling CMG will begin managing a building or self-storage facility and find a long list of deferred maintenance. They also find errors in record-keeping or even a physical mess to clean up. Summer says it’s rewarding when the issues are resolved and a facility is a well-oiled machine.

“I love being able to help take a building from high vacancy and delinquency rates to fully leased and functioning at its highest capacity,” she says. “Looking at these improved dashboards is always encouraging.”

She particularly enjoys working in small co-tenant spaces like MonTEC. Working with tenants like FYR Diagnostics, Innimune, and other research firms means everyone she meets has an interesting story to tell. Summer says she isn’t sure what job would introduce her to a wider range of people.

Originally from Ronan, Summer enjoys camping on the weekends. That’s if she isn’t at a soccer match, golf tournament, or swim meet cheering on her kids.