Ready to lease space in Missoula or Bozeman?

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Ready to lease space in Missoula or Bozeman?

Ready to expand your Montana business and lease space in Missoula or Bozeman?

We get lots of questions about the lease of commercial space across Montana, especially in Missoula and Bozeman. Today, we’re doing a lightning round Q and A of some of the most common questions. If you are ready to lease space in Missoula, Bozeman and across Montana, check out all Sterling CRE listings here.

Q: Why can’t a landlord just give me one price? Why do they include triple net?
A: The short answer is, landlords have to plan ahead. They don’t know when taxes or insurance fees will change, and thus the triple net pricing needs to have some flexibility built in. When you rent an apartment, the risk is spread out across a bunch of tenants. But when you rent a commercial property, it’s usually just a couple of tenants and therefore, more risk for the landlord.

Q: I’m outgrowing my current building – how long does it take to find a new space and get lease negotiations done?
A: Good question. If you just need a general space without many bells and whistles – say, a retail storefront – you should start looking about 3 – 6 months before you want to move. But if you need a more specialized space, like a laboratory or manufacturing space, you should start planning much earlier. I’d recommend at least a year in advance.

Q: Why can’t I find a freaking warehouse when I need one?
A: Montana’s busiest cities have been booming, and the pandemic forced a lot of companies to amp up their e-commerce models. That led to a lot less warehousing on the market all across the state. We suggest expanding your net – if you’re looking to lease space in Bozeman, consider Belgrade. If you need a warehouse in Kalispell, look at Flathead County as a whole.

Q: I’m sick of leasing. Should I just buy a building?
A: For some businesses, the economic recovery means they need to make plans to expand – fast. But for others, now may not be the right time. Contact us and we’ll help you pencil out the numbers to see what makes sense.

Thanks, everyone – let us know if you like these lighting round questions and we’ll keep them up.  Contact Nick here.

Matt Mellott
Matt Mellott, CCIM/SIOR

Ready to lease space in Missoula or Bozeman?