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SterlingCRE Advisors offers Montana’s most innovative team for all your commercial real estate needs. Whether the next move for your business involves buying, selling, or leasing, SterlingCRE Advisors is your one-stop resource. Likewise, when it comes to commercial investment and development, you’ll get reliable, data-driven advice and committed customer service.

Through independent research, SterlingCRE Advisors has compiled data on the local commercial real estate market that other companies don’t have.

Commitment to a client’s needs always comes first. You and your business will get the responsiveness you need. Professionalism and unbiased, market-tested advice will empower you to make critical business decisions with confidence


Sterling Commercial Real Estate derives its name from a man named, Major Sterling “Stranger” Norton, USMC. A tragic aircraft accident took Sterling’s life while he had much left to give. The name of this company serves as a small memorial to his life and legacy.

Sterling was the best we have to offer as a nation, giving all that was required of him and more. He was reliable, faithful, even-keeled and unmatched in his profession. Though commercial real estate was surely too slow-paced for his liking, the intensity of thought and action Sterling applied to his chosen line of work — the defense of this nation — is a touchstone for us all. He was a caring, compassionate and respected servant-leader. Sterling was the sort of person we all should aim to be more like, both personally and professionally.

SterlingCRE Advisors donates a portion of its profits to the Wingman Foundation which supports the families of military pilots that perish in the line of duty.