A Little Ice Cream and BIG Commercial Projects around Missoula

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A Little Ice Cream and BIG Commercial Projects around Missoula

Get the inside scoop on Missoula commercial projects 

Hey, What’s That Missoula? We’re in the midst of another busy Missoula summer and we all know what that means: lots of construction while the weather is favorable. But before we get into all the dirt moving around town, let’s talk about something a little more fun.

Is it just me, or have a bunch of ice cream trucks spring up pretty much overnight here in Missoula? Miss Zoola, Dreamy’s Soft Serve, Y’all Scream, and Jay’s Ice Cream are just a few of the trucks we’ve seen around town.

Now, before we can declare our favorite, either we or our kids will need to make a stop at each to sample the wares. If you know of other ice cream trucks in or around Missoula, leave their name in the comments below.

Onto to Missoula’s hottest topic: housing.

If you’re the type to work off that ice cream with a long day out on the trail or on the river, the upcoming Broadway Lofts development might be right up your alley. Located off Broadway, these loft-style apartments will also come equipped with storage space for your bike, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard.

In a recent survey we did on housing preferences, we found that many residents want something different than a traditional single-family home. They’re looking for less yard work and home maintenance. The Broadway Lofts seem to fit the bill.

That project has over 100 units with a tentative delivery date later this year, depending on the speed that permits come through. Matt was involved in this project and had a specific name for it. What was that again?

Due to the size of this project, we’re calling it a BAP, or big…aggressive project. There’s another BAP nearby with the $5.7 million reconstruction of Highway 93 between Evaro and the Wye. It’s likely going to slow down traffic on the way to the Flathead, especially during these summer months. However, this construction will create some major safety improvements as the road is widened and turn lanes are installed.

Wow, that is a BAP. But, those road improvements will be a great compliment to another project that was green-lit for rezoning just off of Highway 93. It’s an innovative live/work project meant to allow entrepreneurs to have housing and their business in the same area, which saves car trips, reduces sprawl, and adds needed housing to the local inventory.

Well, there’s no shortage of dirt moving around Missoula! That wraps up this edition of Hey, What’s That Missoula. Follow us for more insights into active development. Contact Claire Matten and Matt Mellott for more on commercial projects in Missoula

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A Little Ice Cream and BIG Commercial Projects around Missoula