Chik-Fil-A and Beer: Hey, What’s That Missoula?

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Maggie Collister

Chik-Fil-A and Beer: Hey, What’s That Missoula?

Hey, What’s That Missoula? It looks like we’re revving up to chill out. Massage studios, a new location for Cambie Tap House, and famous chicken sandwiches are in the works for Missoula. 

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No episode of Hey What’s That is really complete until we get to talk beer. Cambie Taphouse plans to open a new location at 945 Wyoming – right in the heart of the Old Sawmill District. There’s also an active liquor license application in the same area for a restaurant called the Boxcar Bistro in Polley’s Square. We’re excited to check both out once they are open for business. 

On the more industrial side of town, we’re seeing quite a few new marijuana cultivation, growing, and extraction facilities pop up. Because of zoning restrictions, it’s likely that these will stay in the heavy industrial side of town. We imagine naming one of these operations can be tricky, but one favorite so far is Buzz Genetics. 

We also thought the name Higher Standard was pretty clever. The biggest news of the past few weeks was the announcement of a Chik-fil-A on North Reserve. 

But before the munchies get the best of you, keep in mind that permitting, deconstruction and reconstruction on the 5,000 square foot fast food restaurant will take some time. I would be surprised to see that drive through in action before late 2022 and maybe even early 2023. 

Finally, if beer, chicken sandwiches and recently legalized greenery aren’t your preferred methods of relaxing, check out Lavender Body Works, a massage therapy studio coming soon on Mount Avenue. I think I’ll stick to the beer for now, but this massage studio looks like a great way for us all to release 2020’s leftover stress. 

That’s all for this edition of Hey What’s That Missoula? Follow us to stay up to date on all the dirt moving around the city. Thanks for watching. 

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Chik-Fil-A and Beer: Hey, What’s That Missoula?