Chris Bristol

Commercial Real Estate Advisor & Transaction Coordinator


Chris began her career in the world of mortgage lending, working for large companies like Wells Fargo and Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation where she mastered the ins and outs of real estate lending.

In a career spanning more than thirteen years, Chris wore many hats, from managing the loan process for high-net-worth clients to creating training programs for new team members. Her specialty? Making the loan process easy and efficient, and her track record in that regard was highly praised.

Days spent managing processes, crunching numbers, and creating efficiencies prompted Chris to seek some balance. A sharp dresser with a flair for finding flattering fits, she launched an online clothing boutique specializing in an inclusive fashion line,
leveraging social media to market her styles.

Working in the world of commercial real estate is the perfect fit for Chris, who is always craving something new. With no two days looking exactly the same, she is that rare talent who is happy to spend a morning reviewing documents and then driving to a new listing to capture just the right photos to showcase the space.

Keeping up with Chris outside the office is a challenge. The Bristol family of four and their dog named Sven are always on the move, opting for authentic adventures rather than sedate resort weeks. Whether they’re off-roading in Moab or exploring remote islands, Chris embraces every opportunity for excitement.

As for Chris’s dinner preferences? She favors Missoula’s Zoo Thai with a side of spice. But what does she miss? The authentic Navajo Tacos served up in her home state of Arizona.