Jessica Baldwin

Brand Marketing Director


After co-founding and running her own tech start-up, Jessica knows the ins and outs of business marketing. Crafting compelling content to meet the needs of a specific audience is her favorite kind of challenge.

Sterling’s culture of entrepreneurial thinking and growth held a lot of appeal to her. She recognized the opportunity to elevate the company’s marketing efforts and drive it forward.

These days, marketing directors have to wear a lot of hats. Jessica spends the day refining digital marketing efforts. When the website pops an error code, she doesn’t panic, she gets it fixed. All the while, she’s looking at our audience and thinking about how to communicate.

“Jessica Baldwin is a big fan of building a marketing strategy from the ground up. ”

Commercial real estate appeals to a broad audience. For every tech savvy entrepreneur who’s DMing about a new listing, there is a long time experienced business owner who’d prefer to pick up the phone and talk to the broker. Jessica Baldwin gets them both.

She grew up on a ranch in Baker, Montana, but her favorite place was her grandparents’ restaurant, the Big K. Slinging cheeseburgers and spending time getting to know her community helped shape her marketing skills. From there, she attended Montana State University.

Outside of work, Jessica enjoys supporting her kids at their softball and soccer tournaments. She also can be found out on the golf course with her husband, or at a concert at the Kettlehouse.

Her list of Missoula favorites for lunch is rather long… Top Hat, Old Post, Plonk, Camino, Gild. But for Jessica, nothing will ever quite replace the joy of a Big K cheeseburger from Baker Montana.