Jessica Morina, CAM

Property Management Director, Lic. #RRE-RBS-LIC-63382


Jessica Morina recently learned her Myers-Briggs type.

She’s an ISFJ – known as the most considerate personality type. That makes sense for her role as Property Management Director for SterlingCMG, where she manages over 1100 commercial (and a couple dozen residential) units.

Altogether, it’s a near-constant drumbeat of property development strategy, maintenance requests, and interpersonal refereeing. And Jessica loves it.

“There is no job I would rather do. If I could have any job, it would be this one.”

She started her career in North Carolina, cutting her property management teeth in corporate housing for big tech companies. “My obligation was to the property owner, but my relationship with the tenants was just as important. Balancing the needs of landlords and tenants is a skill I still use every day. Happy tenants make for happy landlords, and I want my landlords to be happy.”

And though there is a certain measure of intensity to her work (power outages, parking wars, and Wi-Fi woes), Jessica’s background in student housing means that very little phases her.

After managing 1400 leases with students, commercial tenants and HOAs just don’t bring the same level of chaos that she once managed. “Even though I’m on call 24 hours a day, my Montana tenants and owners aren’t like college kids,” she says. “They are pretty tame.”

When Jessica’s resume came across the desk at SterlingCMG, it was clear she was the right fit. It was a hire that paid off. At first, Jessica managed ten properties. But she quickly quadrupled client numbers and expanded into cities across Montana. As her staff grew, she became a partner in SterlingCMG and plays a role in strategic decisions for the company.

Outside of work, Jessica doesn’t take much of a break. With four school-age children and a husband pursuing a Ph.D., she’s always on the move. After five pm, you can usually find her at a soccer game, or a t-ball game, or packing up the RV for a weekend camping adventure.

A true Southerner at heart, Jessica was stoked to hear about Chik-fil-A making its way north. Now, she’d be set if a Shipley Do-Nuts would move to Montana. “Best blueberry cake donut you’ll ever have,” she says.

For all your commercial real estate management needs, call Jessica direct at (406) 290-9800.