Lee King

Facilities Director

With much of his career spent in the commercial printing industry, Lee understands how to fix complex machinery and the importance of having a safe and efficient workspace. He has also managed maintenance teams, making sure that everything flowed smoothly. That experience was put to the test when he worked to repair Humvees in Iraq with a team he still keeps in touch with.

Lee grew up in Great Falls, where his father served in the military. As a lifelong Montanan, the outdoors plays a big role in his life. On the weekend, Lee closes up his tool kit and gets outside. An avid skier, boater, golfer, and mountain biker keeps him on the move.

A day at work for a facilities manager usually includes a long list of things to fix. For Lee King, that sounds like the perfect day of work.

At work, Lee stays on his feet, traveling to multiple properties during the day. He always has a friendly smile and brings positive and competent energy wherever he goes. “I enjoy getting to see what the businesses in my community are up to,” Lee says. “I enjoy getting to solve their problems and improving their workplaces.”

 Outside of work, Lee enjoys spending time with his wife, a school teacher, and his dachshund Elliot. His kids have left the nest, but he makes time to see them on the regular. Lee is a big fan of Italian food and although he loves his Missoula favorites, an Olive Garden would make his day.