Luke McCurdy

Assistant Property Manager


Luke McCurdy knows his way around a property- on paper and in person. Whether he is making sure all the financials and budgeting are in order or getting repairs taken care of, he moves with confidence.

Driven by a desire for a more hands-on role in commercial building operations, Luke has seamlessly transitioned into property management. His expertise is harnessed to assist property owners in optimizing their financial objectives.The biggest win for him is getting to spend more time with people instead of their paperwork.

Luke started his career in commercial real estate in Arizona, servicing commercial mortgages for a variety of nationwide lenders. His role was to oversee a portfolio of loans collateralized by assets ranging from apartments to warehouses and everything in between. His careful attention to budgeting and assessment of finances helped lenders minimize their risk while maximizing their return.

When asked “why Montana?” Luke is quick to answer that he loves the colder weather and needed a change from the desert climate of the southwest. A deeper dive into his favorite activities- hiking with his dog and fly fishing further explains why he landed in the Garden City.

As for lunch time, Luke loves everyone’s favorite, the humble taco. He misses the offerings from Filiberto’s but is looking forward to trying out all of Missoula’s options.