Missoula County Zoning

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Full Missoula County Zoning Regulations Effective 7.1.22 

2.3.A Resource and Open Lands RO

2.3.B Agriculture Reserve AGR

2.3.C Agriculture Working AGW

2.3.D Agriculture Rural Residential AGRR

2.3.E Rural Residential Small Ag RRS

2.3.F Residential R

2.3.G Residential Medium RM

2.3.H Live Make LM

2.3.I Neighborhood Residential NR

2.3.J Neighborhood Center NC

2.3.K Commercial Center CC

2.3.L Civic Employment Center

2.3.N Industrial Center Heavy ICH

2.3.M Industrial Center Light ICL

2.4 Permitted Use Table

2.5 Target Range Overlay