Tom Findlay


Meet Tom Findlay, a key member of the SterlingCMG team, where he brings his extensive background in maintenance and operations into his current role supporting multifamily, office, and industrial properties. With decades of experience, primarily focused on managing complex medical facilities, Tom now applies his expertise to a broader spectrum of properties, ensuring top-notch operational standards across the board.

At SterlingCMG, Tom leverages his deep knowledge in facility management—from overseeing multimillion-dollar expansion projects to managing daily operations of heating, cooling, and emergency systems—to enhance property efficiency and tenant satisfaction. His commitment to safety and innovation is evident in his implementation of advanced safety protocols and technology solutions that significantly improve the functionality and security of the properties he manages.

Tom improves the functionality and security of the properties he manages.  

A certified 3rd Class Boiler Stationary Engineer, Tom’s proactive management style and strategic approach to budget management continue to drive substantial improvements in property performance and cost-efficiency at SterlingCMG. His role is crucial in adapting the operations of multifamily, office, and industrial spaces to meet the evolving demands of modern real estate management.