Veronica Moralez

Property Manager


Veronica Moralez has been a part of the property management field for over a decade. In that time she’s seen the industry shift from shuffling binders and file folders to the use of digital technology. One thing that hasn’t changed is the critical importance of her specialty- clear, consistent and calm communication.

Finding solutions is Veronica’s expertise. A great listener, she has discovered that often, the big problem is a stack of small problems. The solution is coordinating communication between landlord, tenant and vendors until everyone is satisfied with the outcome. Her calm and friendly personality shines whether in an email, on the phone or in person.

Veronica started her career in Beverly Hills, assisting with managing properties big and small. Working with a capable team, and a talented mentor instilled a passion for commercial real estate. Her drive to learn and grow as a professional brought her to the SterlingCMG team, where she hit the ground running.

Enjoying a quieter life drew Veronica and her family to Montana. In her free time, she visits with her family. While she misses the ocean, Veronica lights up when she talks about plans to explore the state’s lakes and rivers with her daughter via a kayak.

At lunch time, El Cazador is her top pick. Not surprisingly, it’s more than just the food, it’s the hospitality of the restaurant that she enjoys.