Wait – Where is Missoula Midtown Exactly?

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Wait – Where is Missoula Midtown Exactly?

Master Plan Recommends New Missoula Midtown Boundary – And We’re Here For It 

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Emily Brock presented an updated Midtown Master Plan at the Missoula Redevelopment Agency meeting on June 17 (you can find the presentation here). It’s clear the Missoula Midtown Master Plan Steering Committee is working hard to create a thoughtful plan for Midtown. 

Recommended Midtown Boundary Map via MRA Meeting on 6/17/21

Brock presented an updated boundary for the  Midtown area. While we know it’s early in the process, a new boundary could make a positive difference for Midtown. Here’s how:

  • Sense of Community: Do I live in Midtown? Should I weigh in on Midtown discussions? While Midtown used to be a mostly commercial corridor, the new boundary line encompasses a greater residential area. That welcomes residents to feel a sense of belonging and advocacy for their neighborhood. 
  • Clarity for New Development: As Brock pointed out, a clearly defined Midtown could facilitate development. Fewer regulatory hurdles mean more efficient development. In turn, businesses can hit the ground running faster.  That means more jobs and economic opportunities. 
  • Easier Data Pulls: Okay, this reason is a little selfish. But, as our data team extracts rents, vacancy, and other property data, we like to work within the clean lines presented in the updated boundary recommendation. With the recommended boundary, we can offer Midtown more specific data to guide their commercial real estate decisions. 

Before the plan becomes a reality, the Midtown Association is fundraising to hire a consulting team. Their goal is to raise $200,000 – $250,000. An RFP for the consultant(s) is slated for September 2021. We’ll keep tracking on the Midtown Master Plan, as well as the Brooks Street corridor transformation that’s taking shape (read more about the corridor study here).

Matt Mellott
Matt Mellott, CCIM/SIOR

Wait – Where is Missoula Midtown Exactly?