What’s Good? Saddle Mountain Construction

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What’s Good? Saddle Mountain Construction

Nick Chaussee is back with Ryan Frey of Saddle Mountain Construction.

There’s no shortage of bad news out there. But, here at Sterling CRE Advisors, we work with businesses that are doing good around Montana. Saddle Mountain Construction propels new housing, jobs and economic development in Missoula.

Construction jobs weathered the COVID storm. That’s largely because these positions were deemed essential when many other industries went dark. Entry level positions in construction often allow for workers to learn on the job and rise through the ranks based on skills and work ethic. The outlook for construction jobs is good in Montana. With cities like Missoula and Bozeman working to make up big deltas in housing availability, the future is busy for construction professionals.

And what does it take to get a housing development from an idea to a reality? Watch the video above to find out!

Who is Ryan Frey?

For over twenty years, Ryan Frey, owner of Saddle Mountain Construction, has been involved in the residential building industry.  His first job in the construction field was during high school summers as an apprentice carpenter in rural Washington.

Upon graduating high school, he began his college career in Spokane, WA. He worked his way through school at the university maintenance plant and with summer construction work.  He received a B.A. degree in English, then returned to carpentry by working on variety of residential and commercial projects in Portland and Seattle.

Seeking a little more adventure and experience, he joined the Peace Corps in 1997 and spent the next two and a half years designing and building small water systems for villages in the South American country of Bolivia.

Gathering these skills and experience together, Ryan became a licensed General Contractor in northern California beginning in 2000.  He spent the next eight years working on custom homes and remodels, until the desire to return to the climate and atmosphere of his youth brought him back north to Missoula. Here he has found a home and started a new construction company called Saddle Mountain Construction.

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What’s Good? Saddle Mountain Construction