Why Put Your Commercial Property on the Market?

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Why Put Your Commercial Property on the Market?

If Off-Market Offers are Coming In, Why Put Your Commercial Property on the Market?

If you own an apartment complex in Montana, you might be wishing your number was unlisted so you could duck all the calls from buyers looking to purchase apartment complexes.

With all the interest in Montana multifamily projects, some sellers ask us why they should take their building to market. Why not just bide their time and let off-market offers come to them?

While that certainly is a strategy, the market is changing quickly. Rising cap rates are likely to cause prices to soften considerably. Savvy sellers have already taken their multifamily assets to market, beating the fed’s interest rate hikes. 

Entertaining offers while off-market means less pressure. But, without engaging all potential buyers, an off-market sale could likely mean money left on the table. 

How to Maximize Return on Your Property

Many sellers are eager to build wealth by taking their multifamily gains and using a 1031 exchange to trade up into a larger or more valuable asset. Some owners are just tired of the 24/7 nature of the multifamily business. 

Compared to midnight calls about an accidental cooking fire (or a parking dispute turned physical, or the partiers in unit A9), a sleepy 9 – 5 corporate office asset is much more attractive. 

If this rings true for you, it’s key to start looking for your 1031 exchange options before listing your multifamily property – and a good commercial real estate advisor can help identify one or more 1031 exchange options while listing your multifamily property. 

Get an opinion of value of your housing portfolio today. It’s simply the first step to understanding the value of your property in today’s market and laying the groundwork for a successful sale when you are ready. яндекс

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Why Put Your Commercial Property on the Market?