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Professional commercial property management in Montana can be a challenge. Our strategic business model includes both superior property management services and facilities management. We work together closely to build value for our clients. Our local market knowledge is critical to each property’s success and we are staffed by highly effective real estate professionals that are proactive and intentional in their methods. Unwavering commitment to success makes us easily adaptable to changing markets and individual owner objectives. Our daily goal is to work hard to exceed our clients’ expectations and maximize our clients’ experience, both owners and tenants.

Office / Medical

Our management system is designed to efficiently handle single and multi-tenant buildings, enabling tenants to dedicate more time to their customers. We take great care of the building and ensure tenant satisfaction by working closely with the owner through our dedicated team.

Industrial / Warehouse


The importance of curb appeal cannot be overstated. By devising a well-planned strategy to attract customers and tenants, we aim to improve their shopping experience, lower operating expenses, and boost the financial performance of the retail store.

Multi-Family / Apartments

The way we handle issues determines how residents perceive us. We assure a response within 24 hours, but in most cases, our team responds even faster. Every interaction with our team is crucial in fostering lasting relationships with residents and minimizing operating costs.


In a market with numerous storage options, what sets Sterling CMG-managed properties apart is our unparalleled customer service. Our team is highly responsive, and our leasing and payment procedures are streamlined for convenience. This aligns with the demands of today’s fast-paced world.

SterlingCMG Team

In tandem with our sister company, SterlingCRE Advisors, we offer clients a collaborative advantage. While our management company provides your asset with the highest quality care, both financially and physically, our brokerage firm works diligently to lease each space. With a knowledge of real estate, commitment to customer service, and innovative marketing plans, the SterlingCMG team continues to redefine excellence.

Jessica Morina, CAM

Property Management Director

Summer Porch

Property Manager

Frank DiNenna

Property Manager

Liesl Uskoski

Property Manager

Dylan Harrington

Assistant Property Manager

Justin Smith

Property Manager

Lee King

Facilities Manager


Joe Tredik

Manager of Missoula Lofts

Luke Web

Luke McCurdy

Property Manager


Veronica Moralez

Property Manager